About France Ecole

France Ecole was founded in 2011 by French native, Halle Ghrairi, a passionate and professional language educator. France Ecole is a French language learning center that provides a high level of quality education for people of all ages and levels who wish to develop their speaking, reading and/or writing skills in French.


At France Ecole, our French teachers are always pleased to share their professional skills utilizing a unique pedagogic method and a wide range of courses in a pleasant learning atmosphere.  These advanced and well-tested methods are designed to teach French through cultural and educational immersion into French life in a friendly and studious atmosphere.  We also offer special events to help develop a French language community offering French food, coffee and drinks.  We also have a theater room and provide planned screenings of French movies, documentaries, etc ...... to help every student expand their knowledge of the French language as well as develop a deeper understanding of French and European culture (e.g. history, art, gastronomy, literature, etc.).

Whether for business travel, educational advancement or personal enrichment, France Ecole has helped many students improve their capability and confidence when simply listening to or speaking French, or when traveling in French speaking countries.