Language Learning for Children

France Ecole offers a fun and engaging learning program for children, one that allows children to learn quickly while at the same time developing an appreciation for french language and culture.  France Ecole's tutors are particularly sensitive to the needs of children of all ages, using fun projects and exercises that help children develop both their french language skills as well as their confidence.


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Classroom Sessions [France Ecole]:
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"Halle is an incredibly hard worker, punctual, conscientious, maintains a highly professional demeanor.  She is efficient, confident in her abilities, and takes her responsibilities very seriously.  She has the educational interests of our children at heart, is always punctual, well-organized, and comes armed with creative learning projects for the children.  She assists our children not only to complete, but actually learn, their assigned homework."

"Halle's enthusiasm for all things French transferred to my children and I was very impressed with how quickly they both learned the language and culture.  Halle made learning fun at every visit...there was a story and macaroons or croissants from her favorite French bakery.  Both children looked forward to her visits."

"I have known Halle since since she joined our family... as a bilingual tutor (French and English)... for our children ages six and a half and eight.  Halle...has truly become a part of our family."