Current Schedule

France Ecole offers a range of individual and group sessions at its Santa Clara training facility.  If you are interested in joining sessions already underway, or in individual or off-site group instruction, please contact us.

All Levels - This is a class designed to accommodate French language learners at every stage of their development.  Classes tend to be customized to the participants focusing on areas where opportunities exist to improve.  It will generally include improving conversational skills as well as extending vocabulary, verb conjugation and grammar.

Children - Language learning for kids often requires a variety of different methods to enable children to learn more quickly while at the same time enjoying the experience.  France Ecole conducts daily sessions for children in a fun, learning-centric and supportive environment.

Beginners - These sessions are for students that are new to the French language or for those refreshing basic skills before continuing to more advanced sessions.  You can expect to learn the fundamentals of verb conjugation for the most common verb forms, basic conversational vocabulary and grammar construction.

Intermediate - These sessions are designed to build on basic principles, extend vocabulary, to further verb conjugation and to enhance grammar construction skills.  Ultimately, the goal here is to get students to a comfortable conversational level and enable more confident reading and writing.

- The goal for these sessions is to advance towards mastering the French language including a solid grasp on all verb tenses, extensive vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and a focus on the "art" of French speaking, reading and writing.   This is also an opportunity to focus on language associated with field-specific topics (e.g. economics, international business, technology, etc.).